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Zastupanje, prodaja i servis opreme

We are authorized dealers and service for equipment used in diving, underwater activities, and equipment for the protection of breathing on the surface in contaminated workspace. See list of our authorisations and certificates.

Servis regulatora ronilackih i izo aparata

ispitni stol za regulatore Ronex do services and testing of all kinds of respiratory regulators for diving and breathing isolation. All adjustments and testing we make with modern equipment with computer recording of measured parameteres of each regulator or breathing automat.

Servis opreme za disanje na kopnu

servis opreme za disanje na kopnu Ronex can service equipment for protection of breathing on the surface: special equipment for firemans, breathing isolation equipment for works in toxic atmosphere in chemical industry and similar. If You have a problem, do not hesisitate, call us.

Servis i reatestiranje boca

boce Certification tests of high pressure cylinders for diving and isolating equipment or high pressure bottles for other purposes is our everyday practice. By fillig bottles to the testing pressure we determine their working condition and lifetime. After cleaning of the interior and protection of outside surface we repair good bottles to make their lifetime longer.

For good and tested bottles we produce documetation by State Agency for high pressure wessels and so we complete Your obligation as owner or user of high pressure bottles.

izolacijski aparati za zastitu disanja

Auer MSA Ronex is authorized dealer and service for AUER-MSA, well known manufacturer of equipment for protection of breathing, protection in industry and protection of nature resources.

From AUER-MSA program we offer:
  • breathing protection equipment
  • protective clothing
  • eye protection equipment
  • safety devices for intervention
  • measuring gauges
  • mobile devices for measuring and signalig of toxic, flamable and explosive gases
  • stable systems for monitoring, measuring and warning of toxic, flamable and explosive gases

Viskotlacni kompresori za zrak

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Ronex is authorized dealer and service for BAUER-KOMPRESSOREN from Muenchen, Germany, woldwide known manufacturer of high pressure compressors:
  • High presure compressors for breathing equipment
  • High presure compressors for industry
  • High presure compressors for rare gas
  • High presure compressors for natural gas
  • High presure compressors for paintball and sport
  • Screw compressors

We do regular services of compressors, annual inspection, revision and total repair of old compressors, using only original spare parts. We offer assistance in purshasing of new high pressure compressors under the best terms with factory-level prices.

See more about BAUER compressors (PDF)

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