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Ronex termix
kablovi za podvodno rezanje metala

podvodno rezanje metala We have developed and produced termic cables for underwater steel cutting without the use of electric power, which can be of utmost importance because steel can be cut under water without expensive and hard to handle electro - aggregates that sometimes have to be brought into unreachable places.

cables are produced with 12mm diameter and 20m in length. Beside the advantage of cutting the steel without the electric power, it is important to mention that cutting can last up to the complete consumption of the cable (about 45 to 60 minutes), which enables greater efficency, avoiding frequent disruptions needed for change of used electrodes in classic methods.

ronex-termix Neccessary equipment is minimal:
  • steel cylinders for oxygen
  • reduction valve for oxygen (min. 20 bar)
  • midpressure extension hose for oxygen with connectors and valve

Beside the above mentioned neccessary equipment, we are offering You additional equipment which can make Your underwater cutting simpler and quicker:
  • high pressure interconnection armature for coupling more cylinders into oxygen battery
  • low pressure extension hoses in different length
  • high-flow reduction valves for oxygen
  • training equipment for underwater cutting education
  • education of Your personnel for underwater cutting

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