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Edukacija ronilaca

ronite s nama Our long time experience in the education of scuba divers, under the guidance of our well trained instructors can guarantee that your first underwater experience will be very positive. Our approach to the new candidates is adapted to their condition characterised with unawareness, stress or even fear. On our first meetings, we cope with all the difficulties, making you a real "sea wolf" in the end.

The training is done on the most attractive locations on the Adriatic sea, and it is planned according to the candidate's schedule. Come and dive with us, let's admire to the inexperienced, and we can guarantee that we will see surface together.

It is important to mention that all our candidates have inssurance policy with the help of our diving center, and that in the case of diving accident they can get a refund of medical and other expenses from the international diving inssurance organiaztion DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network).

Ronex d.o.o. is member of Croatian diving association (HRS) and CMAS. We are also members of SSI-Croatia and DAN-Europe. See also list of our authorisations and certificates about diving and instructor's licences.

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Ronex d.o.o, A.Starcevica 21, 35000 Slavonski Brod, CROATIA