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cijevni disni aparat

CDA-20 With great pleasure we present our new product from the palette of protection equipment dedicated for protection of the respiratory organs and eyes of the persons entering contaminated or low oxygen level workplaces.

The apparatus can be used by two operators, having long autonomy (cca 4 to 6 hours), enabling long-duration use in workplaces requiring protection equipment.

The main advantage of this apparatus lies in the fact that the person is not carrying air cylinders, but is connected to the air source with hoses, meaning smaller load to be carried and enabling entrance into confined spaces like tanks and canal shafts.

Hose breathing apparatus CDA-20 is applicable in confined workplaces like various reservoirs, refinery tanks, entrance into canal shafts, refinery columns, in the chemical industry, etc.

Tehnicke karakteristike
  • medicine clean air supply 20 000 N/lit.
  • working pressure 200 bar
  • the length of flexible hoses 2 x 50 m
  • autonomy 4 to 6 hours
  • lung automats, AUER-MSA, type LA 96 AS pcs. 2
  • masks, AUER-MSA, type ULTRA-ELITE PS pcs. 2
  • high and low pressure control, pressure gauge pcs. 1+1
  • sound signalization - warning whistle 50 bar
  • low pressure safety valve 15 bar
  • brutto weight cca 190 kg

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